Terrys Tools

A simple set of field tested tools to fix the most common mac issues.

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After many years supporting the mac professionally (including a few with Apple) and countless personal support calls, I decided to hardcode the fixes to the most frequently encountered mac issues in an app.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not so much a maintenance app, as a "get me out of a jam" tool. Use it to repair the issue that you are experiencing and put it away until you need it again (hopefully you never will !).

Due to the Mac App Store sandboxing requirements and the system level access that is required to carry out the fixes in the app it will not be available in the Mac App Store.

I have designed the App to be as simple as possible, many repair and fix tools have complicated settings and preferences. My tools are simple one click to run the fix operations, no configuration is required.

While no one technique can fix every issue, I have built in the repairs that work most frequently when any given issue is encountered.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this application you agree that the developer will be held in no way responsible for any loss or damage caused by using the application. The application is only to be used for attempting to repair preexisting issues on macs that are already experiencing technical problems. You agree that no liability can or will be placed on the application or its developer as a result of using this application.